Terrific Teachers!

Hannah and Sophie’s Lesson 

For our lesson we did drama. We split the lesson into  two sections – warm up games and a drama. First we split the class up into 2 groups. One group was doing Chinese whispers and the other group was doing telephone.😀 Telephone is played by standing in a line and acting out a sentence which the person beside you has to guess what it is. When they played Chinese whispers we split them into groups of 6. They tried to get more points than the other team by saying the same sentence around the circle and it being the same sentence when the last person says it out load.

After a few rounds of the games we moved onto the drama. We split the class up into four groups of six. The groups had to choose from three categories to create a drama with. The categories were: Lost somewhere, any kind off apocalypse and a crime scene. After five minutes of practicing the groups came up one by one to perform their dramas. All the dramas were very funny and exciting.

We had a lot of fun teaching our drama lesson and we hope that the class did too.🤞😁😀

By Hannah and Sophie🎭👋❕❗


A super lesson! The girls did a fantastic  job and everyone had a great time 🙂




Naoise’s Lesson

For my lesson I split the class into groups of four. We did running and maths. They got points if they won.  After all the rounds the winning group got a prize.

By Naoise


Naoise’s lesson was very different to all of the other lessons we have had so far, which made it very exciting. All of the children were really engaged in the lesson and Naoise showed great authority as the teacher!! Everyone was delighted with the prizes he gave. Well done Naoise 🙂


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