Kolos and Stan’s Lessons :)

Stan’s Talent Show 

There was a talent show hosted by Donnchadh and I  (Me = Stan) everyone was very good and we had three different people doing card tricks. The winner of the talent show was Rosie followed by Jack, Sasha, Kaelan and Michael. Some other competitors were Lara, and Emily, Ben, Peter and Claudia P. Claudia H. and Andrei. It was judged by Stan, Jill, Kolos and Eli.  Our DJ was Naoise and our backstage security was Kaelan . Everyone was really good but I think Ms. Seale’s rap was the best (Joke!). The winner won celebrations and overall it was really good.

By Stan 🙂

We all had great fun doing the talent show and just laughed for the afternoon!!! Great organisation Stan : ) We have a serious amount of talent in our class!



The Judges 


On Stage

The Winner – Rosie 🙂 

Kolos’s Drawing Lesson

Kolos is amazing at drawing as you can see. He was very patient with us all and showed us exactly what to do step by step 🙂 Well done Kolos!!!


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