Monday Madness!



We are learning about acids. We learned that lemon juice, coke, vinegar, vitamin C and nettles are acids. On Thursday we did an experiment where we boiled an egg,  filled a cup with vinegar and then put the egg in it. We waited three days and when we came back after the weekend and checked on the egg (I named the egg  Sebastion). Also do you know what limestone and eggshells have in common???  They both have calcium because limestone is made from sea creatures bones.

We are now going to test which acid is the strongest – vinegar, lemon juice or coke! We will boil three more eggs and put them in cups filled with these three acids!!

Donnchadh 🙂



Last week for art we made paper flowers with petals. To make these flowers we painted sheets of paper and then we left them to dry. Next we cut out petal shaped pieces of paper and finally we stuck them down on sheets of paper to make a circle of petals. We also had the choice of putting felt/paper in the middle. They all looked so cool when they were done and it was so fun making them!

Emily   🙂



Claudia P.’s Lesson

I taught drama and art to my class. Everyone got split into groups of 6 and drew what characters they would be acting out in there drama. Everyone could choose their own drama and character.

They got 10 minutes to draw there character and 15 minutes to discus and act out there performance.

We all went outside and preformed our acts. Everyone was brilliant in their act.

Winning groups were – Avenger Memes and The Celebs . They got a certain amount of Dojo points based on how well they acted but everyone was amazing !! 😀💕


How to make the world a better place 

We discussed how we could make the world a better place and created posters in groups based on this.


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