Happy Easter :) :)

Egg Drop ChallengeĀ 

At the start of the week Ms.Seale told us that we had to do a science experiment for our homework.

The aim of the challenge was to make a contraption to keep an egg safe while dropped from a height. People used cotton wool, bubble wrap, socks, bottles, bags, etc. On Thursday everybody brought their creations in. We went outside to test our creations. Most of the eggs survived but some didn’t!

We had loads of fun explaining our creations and dropping them. There were lots of different creations! They were really cool!

By Lara


Today our 5th class went on a field trip to MACE, our local shop.

Our class got to 2000 Dojo points. Dojo points are where you would get 1 point for good behavior, being kind or good work!

We started to walk to MACE around near 08:30 and arrived at about 08:40. We went in and bought what ever we wanted such as drinks, ice-cream, cookies and sweets.

We were all were thankful that Ms. Seale and Ms. Atkin took time out of their day to bring us!!

By Claudia P


Easter BunniesĀ 

We did Easter art. The Easter bunny has got new glasses from Specsavers and now he can hide eggs in all the best places. We all had fun making the art because there was different types of glasses and all the bunnies look different. My favorite part of the art was that we had we got to choose a look for our bunny instead of having to do one specific thing.

By Stan


The Famine

We have been learning about the famine recently. We made projects in groups. Some of the topics we looked at include soup kitchens, workhouses, coffin ships, time lines, diseases and black forty seven. Ms Seale gave us a main topic and one or two sub topics. We used the school iPads to search for facts a few times. We all made our projects in different formats. Some did a booklet, others did a page that folded out, some did fold out facts, others did a page with facts hanging off it and some of us did every thing on three pages stuck together. Everyone enjoyed using the iPads and we got to present them today. Everyone did a great job. We also printed out photos to make the projects complete.

By Jack

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