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Science – Fire!

Today in Ms. Seale’s class we did two experiments – Old flames part 1 & 2. In part one we put a candle on a plate and lit the candle (Being careful not to burn down the school!!!!). Then we put a jar over the candle and then in a few seconds poof! It went out. This is because fire needs oxygen to survive. This is why people use fire blankets, it stops the oxygen from getting at the fire.

Then in part two we we mixed blue food colouring and water and pored it into a plate. We lit the candle and put the cup over the candle but this time when the candle went out the water rose in the cup!! This is because when the candle burned out, the flame burned up all of the oxygen in the jar. The water moved up to replace the missing oxygen. This created a vacuum and sucked up the water to replace the air.  We had a fun time doing these experiments and learned lots!! 🙂

By Alex


The Story of the Bible

We have been learning about the bible. We made posters about the story of the bible.We want people to learn more about the bible and be more thankful for all the little things. We all made our posters bright so it would catch peoples attention. We wrote down lots of the facts we learned and drew pictures.

Here are a few thing we wrote:

  1. The bible was written in Latin.
  2. 1515 people were burnt at the stake for their beliefs.
  3. The bible is now printed in over 200 languages.
  4. William Tyndale smuggled bibles written in English to England from Germany. At this time you had to read the bible in Latin.
  5. people were burnt at the stake for teaching their children the Lord’s Prayer in English.

By Claudia P.


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