Mental Health Awareness Week

We did various activities this week promoting positive mental health. Firstly we discussed what mental health is. We then did the following activities:

1.Walk a Mile with a Smile

Every day we went for a walk outside the school before big break! We really enjoyed this 🙂 We changed our partner every day so that we had someone new to talk to!

2. Superheroes

We wrote amazing things about ourselves inside the superheros. We then passed our superhero around the classroom and we wrote positive things about each other outside the superhero. Check them out!!

3. Mindfulness

We did lots of mindfulness this week. This is us chilling out ..


4. Art

This is some artwork we did. We listened to music and relaxed while doing our art.

5. Secret Friend

We were given a secret friend at the start of the week. We were to do random acts of kindness for this particular friend throughout the week. This was a nice surprise left on someone’s desk after break ..

6. Memory Book

We then wrote up about mental health awareness week and what we did in our memory books. We also took lots of positive, happy pictures throughout the week which we stuck into our memory books.


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