Procedural Writing

We have been learning about procedural writing. We made a recipe for a potion. We told the class all of our ideas. There were so many good ones!! Here are some of them … how to – turn invisible, levitation spell, How to turn a lizard into a dragon, how to turn a rock to a ruby, how to turn a fork to a robot, how to turn a human to a frog. We wrote these up in our English copies.

Another day we lined up in two rows and asked each other how to do different procedures. On Wednesday we got into groups and had to make up a game. We then wrote it up in our copies and made it a procedure. The day after we did a final draft. Then we explained the rules to the rest of the class and played the games. They were all so fun! We all really enjoyed it. 😀 

                                               -by ANNA and SOPHIE- 






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