Science Week 2019


Last week was science week, we did some activities. Here they are:

  1. Lava lamps.
  2. ROTO-copters.
  3. Climate change talk.

Lava lamps: On Tuesday we made lava lamps.We got a bottle and filled the bottle half way with water. And a quarter of oil and we added a bit of food colouring in. Finally we put 1 or 2 tablets in and ENJOY:]!!!


ROTO-copters: We got a piece of paper and folded it 5 different ways! We folded the bottom and then put a paper clip on it. We then threw it up in the air and watched the ROTO-copters spin.

Climate change talk: One of the Dads came in to talk about climate change. He talked about how we could help stop it and one of the main reasons it’s happening is cows farting and burping.

He talked about some documentaries he did. SAVE THE TURTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by Adam, Lazar, Grace and Kian.

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