A Very Busy January!

Heart Wreaths

We made heart wreaths!  We made them using cardboard and coffee filters.  We dyed the coffee filters with red dye. Then we cut out the hearts using cardboard that everyone brought in. After that we got the coffee filters and made holes through the cardboard. Then we twisted the coffee filters and put them through the holes. Finally we stuck ribbon on the back.

By Anna!


Report Writing

This month we have been learning about report writing. We did some of our own reports. We chose famous people and  animals. Here are some that were done: Koenigsegg!, Johnny Sexton, Katie Taylor and Michel d Higgins .

Written by Adam!!!!!!


This is our art! Firstly we painted the background with paint and we painted other paper with different colors. Then we followed a video and drew the tigers face with pastels. We had a choice to keep it on the orange or put it on black. When the colored paper was dry we cut it out and made flowers and leaves!

By Ellie!

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