Fabulous Friday :D

Roman Projects

We have been very busy learning about the Romans. Every child did a project on the Romans on Google Classroom and some of us have presented ours to the class. After each project Ms.Seale gives feedback to the children and gives them a mark and a comment on Google Classroom. Within the class we do ‘Two Stars and a Wish.’ This is where we say two things we liked about their project and one thing they could work on for their next project.

I complemented the class today on how encouraging they are to one another when they are presenting their projects and giving feedback to their class mates. It is fantastic to see 🙂 The whole class was rewarded a dojo point each for this marvellous behaviour.


Today we looked at the song ‘Hill and Gully Rider.’ It is a Jamaican folk song from the 19th Century written about the local fishermen who would risk their lives trying to catch whales. Here is us in action:


Thank You!

Special thanks to David’s Mum for our lovely new mat 🙂 Some have suggested that we try our counties test again!



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