Welcome Ms.Morris :)

Welcome Ms.Morris 🙂

We have welcomed Ms.Morris into our classroom this week and it has been GREAT!!!! Thank you so much for everything you did with us this week, Ms.Morris.


Baby Chicks

On Tuesday the 11th of February Ms.Morris brought in 5 eggs. We were all very excited when we heard we were helping baby chicks hatch.

We first had to wait until our incubator got to 37.5 degrees, when it did we put the five eggs in. We also have our mascot Sir Quacks Alto.

{Sir Quacks Alto is the baby chick’s mom}. When the chicks hatch we will have them for six days. After Ms.Morris will take them to a farm.

Written by Alex.



This week Ms Morris came in. She taught us about Ancient Egypt. Today we learned about mummification. First they would take the body to the Beauty house. There they would cut a slit in the left side of the body and take out all the organs expect the heart. Then they would stick a metal stick up the their nose and wiggle it around to take out the brain. Then they dehydrate the body with salt for 70 days. They then wrap the body up and put it in a coffin.

We then did an experiment to show this! It was sooo fun.

Written by Sophie



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