Week 2: 23rd March – 27th March.

Hello to both fourth classes 🙂 I hope everyone is keeping well! I miss seeing you all very much. Ms.McGuinness and I were so impressed with all of the work that was sent to us – you are all wonderful 🙂

This week Ms.Brady’s class can send their work to her or to Ms.Atkin. Well done again everyone. Remember to keep busy and stay active. I am sure you are all helping your mums and dads out with lots of work at home!

Mon 23rd March

Any parent or student can access any of the CJ Fallon books online at the moment. I would ask you to do this as you can then access the children’s ‘Busy at maths’ book along with many other books the children use in school. It would be a fantastic resource for you to have at home. If anyone has any trouble with this, please email me and I can help you.

This week we will do chapter 22 – length.

Today I would like you to complete p.111 Busy at maths 4.



Go over your Aimsire laithreach (present tense) irregular verbs.

We have learned these already and have had Friday tests on them. Remember if you learn them well now, you will have them forever! These do not follow the rules. You learn these like spellings 🙂


Bím/ta mé – I am

Beirim – I catch

Feicim – I see

Faighim – I get

Deirim – I say

Téim  – I go

Déanaim – I do

Ithim – I eat

Tugaim – I give

Tagaim – I come

Cloisim – I hear




Well done everybody on your written task of explanation writing! I really enjoyed reading them all! Here were some of your topics – the lifecycle of a frog, the lifecycle of a butterfly, how bogs are formed, how beaches are formed, how a rainbow is formed and lots more!!

I want you to choose another topic to do another piece of explanation writing. Remember it is all factual information. We should not put in our own opinion. Ms.Brady’s class can email this to her. If you do not have access to a laptop or internet you can write this instead.

D.E.A.R time for at least 20 mins.



Both classes learned all of the counties in Ireland at the beginning of the year. Today I want you to test yourself to see how well you remember them. Later in the week we will be learning the main towns of each county.



Also remember to look at our counties of Ireland poem to help you.





·       Look up our Body coach videos that we do after maths https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3LPrhI0v-w

·       Go Noodle https://app.gonoodle.com/

·       Try see how long you can hold your ‘wall sit’ for! We were able to do 30 seconds, see can you beat that!

·       Choose one exercise to do for 30 seconds and have a 10 second break just like we do in class! Exercises: jumping jacks, squats, sit ups, burpees!!!





Tues 24th March

p.112 Busy at Maths 4





Irregular verbs in the present tense. Test yourself! (Where it says ‘sinn’ that means ‘we’ so add aimid/imid. Look back on verbs from yesterday if you need to)





Explanation writing – google classroom.

D.E.A.R time for 20 minutes.




Listen and responding to music. Close your eyes and relax ….. Let the music play in the background. Let your imagination flow. Tell mum or dad what you visualised in your mind when the music was playing. Ask them what they were visualising. Was it different?

Then respond to the muisc in method of your choice – draw a picture showing what you visualised, write a story, make a comic, do a painting … can’t wait to see them all! J





Exercise 😀 😀



Wednesday 25th March

P.113 Busy at Maths 4



Test yourself on the 11 irregular verbs again. Try and put them into sentences.

e.g. I eat breakfast every day  – ithim bricfeasta gach lá.





Create a time capsule!!!! Write a letter to your future selves.

Tell them about yourself – what you like to eat, what your hobbies are, your friends, your class, your age, what you want to be when you grow up etc.

Draw a picture of your family or include a photo.

Trace your hand so your future self can compare hand sizes with you.

Include a newspaper article or write down the main headlines from RTE.

Ask your mum or dad or brothers or sisters to write a little message on it too.


Then hide it somewhere for you to find in years to come! Mum and dad might have a good suggestion as you to where you should put it!


Now we need to get to know the main towns of each county!




Exercise 😀





Thursday 26th March

P.114 Busy at maths 4.




Test yourself on the 11 irregular verbs again. Try and put them into sentences.

e.g. I go shopping every day   – Téim ag siopadóireacht gach lá.



 D.E.A.R time for at least 20 minutes.

Write a prediction of what you think will have next OR write a diary entry as one of the main characters of your book.


There are a few comprehensions on this link all about koala bears. The further you scroll down, the harder the comprehensions get! Choose one of the comprehensions to do.


Exercise 😀



Friday 27th March

Revise for tests 


Irish: Ask someone to call out the English and write all eleven irregular verbs in the past tense. E.g. I say – deirim.

Geography – Try to write out the main town of each county. Ask someone to call out the county and you write down the main town. E.g. Kildare – Naas.



Write a letter/email to someone you think might be lonely at this time. Maybe one of your grandparents, a neighbour, a friend, an elderly person or someone in a nursing home. Tell them about your day, your hobbies and interests. I’m sure it will brighten their day to get a letter from you J



Project on ‘Myths and Legends.’ They are looking great so far !! 😀


Exercise 😀


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