30th March – 3rd April

Hello again to both fourth classes 😃 Well done again everybody for keeping on top of all the work. You are all SUPER!! Please email me if you have any questions. The other fourth class can email Ms.Boyce this week with their work 😃

Mon 30th March

This week we will be studying Chapter 23: Decimals.

Today I would like you to complete p.115




We should all know the eleven irregular verbs in the past and present tense. Each day I am going to have sentences for you to translate using these irregular verbs. I will put the answers on google classroom at the end of each day so you can correct your sentences. On Friday you will have a test on the past tense (aimsir chaite) and the present tense (aimsir laithreach).

Today’s sentences to translate are based on the Aimsir chaite (use your notes from previous blogs to help you if you need to).

I went to the shop. 

I made a cake yesterday. 

I got a present. 

She heard the story. 

He saw the teacher in school. 

They ate the cake. 




Project of your choice! So many of you had asked me about this a few months ago and now is the time ! 😊 Pick a topic that you are interested in. You can do this on google classroom using google slides or you can make a poster project or scrap book project. It is up to you!

D.E.A.R time for at least 20 mins.



Fill in this workout on the rivers of Ireland. On Friday you will test yourself by filling in as many rivers as you can on the same worksheet. (print two – one for today and one for the test on Friday)






Tues 31st March

Busy at maths p.116



Translate the following sentences. These sentences are in the aimsir laithreach (present tense). Answers will be put on google classroom at the end of the day.

I go to the shop. 

I make a cake every day. 

I get a present every year. 

She hears the story. 

He sees the teacher in school. 

They eat the cake every day. 





Short story (no more than two pages)

Your story begins with two students inside the school, a note from the principal and a fish bowl. You must incorporate all of these elements into your short story!

I cannot wait to read them! You can do this on google classroom or write it out on paper. Whichever is easier for you.

D.E.A.R time for 20 minutes.



Listen and responding to music. I loved all the work that people did with this last week so I said we would do it again with different music.

Close your eyes and relax ….. Let the music play in the background. Let your imagination flow. Tell mum or dad what you visualised in your mind when the music was playing. Ask them what they were visualising. Was it different?

Then respond to the muisc in method of your choice – draw a picture showing what you visualised, write a story, make a comic, do a painting … can’t wait to see them all!






Wednesday 1st April 

Busy at maths p.117


Mix and match of aimsir chaite and aimsir laithreach.

She went to the zoo yesterday with her friends. 

I ate breakfast with my family. (le=with) 

He did his homework. 

He catches the ball. 

I came to school. 

I say hello. 



Finish your short story



I have three options for art. Do whichever supplies are easier for you to get .. or do both!

Option 1: Daffodils.

You will need paper, paint or pencils/markers.



Option 2: I am Awesome!

You will need paper, pritt,  paint or markers/colouring pencils, a camera and printer but not necessary. If you do not have access to a printer you can simply draw a picture of yourself and write the sentences instead of typing them.



Option 3: Wool wrapped letters!

If anyone happens to have some wool at home or cardboard you can do your initial in cardboard and then wrap it in wool like we did at the start of the year. You can even do this with a different shape .. maybe a love heart ❤️





Thursday 2nd April

Busy at maths p.118


Revise your verbs for your test tomorrow. Try and make up ten of your own sentences. I can correct them for anyone that wants me to check them.


English project on a topic of your choice



Fireworks in a glass science experiment





Friday 3rd April

Busy at maths p.119


Tests (Revise first)


Irish: Ask someone to call out the English and write all eleven irregular verbs in the past tense. E.g. I said – dúirt mé.

Then do the present tense. E.g I say – deirim

Geography: Rivers of Ireland

Fill in as many as you can!




The letters/emails were a great success last week! Write another letter/email to the same person or someone else you think would appreciate it. Maybe one of your grandparents, a neighbour, a friend, an elderly person or someone in a nursing home. Tell them about your day, your hobbies and interests. I’m sure it will brighten their day to get a letter from you 😊


Finish your history project on myths and legends.

If you have this done work on your English project of your choice.




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