Update from 4th class!

The girls and boys of 4th class have been showcasing their talents both at home and on Google Classroom over the past two weeks.

The children have been working on a ‘Life in Ireland since the 1950s’ project. They researched what the country was like during the 1950s and compared life 70 years ago with the present day. The children interviewed grandparents and neighbours, who have lived through the changes that Ireland has undergone over the past 70 years.




The children have become experts in composing metaphors and similes! There has been a big focus on poetry in recent weeks and the boys and girls have created Japanese Haiku, blank verse, Limericks, and acrostic poetry.



It has been brilliant to hear that the girls and boys have been working hard on their fitness with a focus on kicking skills, circuit challenges and Olympic workouts! However, it was the highlight of the teachers’ week to catch up with the children in Zoom meetings where we shared our news and took part in a general knowledge quiz. Ms Atkin also popped in to say hello!

Room 12 became diligent Risk Assessors too! The children tackled dangerous scenarios in ‘Diamond 9’ and ‘Risky Scenario’ activities and came up with solutions.



An Earth Day folding surprise and Rangoli patterns were just some of the wonderful pieces of art that the children created at home over the past fortnight.


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