Reminders for Fifth Class!

Hi everyone,

Just a few reminders.

  1. Please ensure your child has a Maths set for all Maths lessons this week. The school have a very small number of protractors and compasses but not enough for each child. These will also be needed for Maths test next week.
  2. Children will be partaking in their first Cycle Right session outdoors this Thursday. Please make sure your child is in appropriate clothing for cycling and that he/she brings their bike to school if they want to use it. If your child has no bike; Eoin will provide one.
  3. The girls in 5th class will be going to a GAA blitz this Thursday at 11 a.m. All girls from 5th class will be going to the blitz and should arrive in P.E. gear (tracksuit). Girls not taking part in the blitz will stay with myself and Ms. Walker at the sidelines.
  4. I would really appreciate if ‘Fidget spinners’ were kept at home. If they are brought into school I have told the children that they must be kept in their schoolbags and only used outside at lunch time.

Thank you!

Ms. Byrne

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