GAA winners!

Hi everyone,

Today we had a very active day. After our cycling lesson, the girls from 5th class went to a GAA blitz held in St. Anne’s Park organised by Clontarf GAA with 6th class. We were blessed with glorious sunshine all day and had such a successful day winning lots of matches. Everyone got a medal at the end. It was a lovely day and I just want to say thanks to all of the supporting parents, as always. These days are definitely made worthwhile when we have such terrific support every time. A special THANK YOU to Louise O’Hara who has been such a support for the girls at their matches this year and is always encouraging them and guiding them and was very kind to bring treats and drinks along today for the girls. That’s the end of the GAA / Soccer blitzes for Fifth Class this year and I think we can all be very proud of how we have played throughout the year. Until next year!


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