Saul’s Story!

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This week we led assembly with a very important story from the bible. We learned about the story of Saul and his conversion and change. We really enjoyed this story and the clear message in it. Anyone is capable of changing, converting or doing the right thing. Saul spent time hurting people; particularly Christians. Along the way, Jesus appeared to him and asked him to change his ways and led him to a man called Ananias. Ananias told Saul to get up and become baptised and so he did. Saul was delighted to change and as a result also became known as Paul instead of Saul from the moment of his conversion. We discussed how easy it can be to be influenced to follow the crowd and do the wrong thing. Yet, like Saul’s story in the bible, we discussed how it’s so easy to change for the better as well. Well done Fifth Class and well done to the people who led assembly and delivered the story of Saul!

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