Baking in Fifth Class!

Hi everyone,

As part of our ‘Maith Thú’ behaviour reward system in the class, a group of girls from Fifth Class carried out their own lesson today for the class. They had 30 ‘Maith Thú’ cards and as a result were able to lead the class in a lesson of their choice. They decided to do a lesson on baking. They brought in all of the ingredients, equipment and spent a lot of time over the weekend preparing for it. I was so impressed with their enthusiasm and effort. They split the class into four groups and we made four delicious chocolate cakes! After they were baked, the girls had bowls of icing, chocolate and various toppings to decorate the cake set out on the tables. Well done girls on all your hard work! Delighted to see so many pupils making such a huge effort to try their best to earn as many ‘Maith Thú’ cards as they can.

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