Finishing up in Fifth Class!

Hi everyone,

Fifth Class have been extremely busy over the last two weeks. ¬†We have been finishing our textbooks, revising all the phrases and vocabulary we learned this year in Gaeilge and just getting to the end of our novel, ‘The Thief Lord.’ As well as that, we have been busy preparing for our last assembly on Wednesday. We are excited for the holidays but we still have a lot to do before this Friday! Last week, we completed projects on the EU and a country of choice within the EU. The criteria was as follows:

  1. Explain what the EU is and what it’s role or function entails
  2. Choose a country within the EU
  3. Describe the weather, currency, food, famous tourist attractions and any other facts
  4. Discuss it’s role within the EU and when it joined

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Last week we also had a visit to our classroom (as you may have heard about already) from Richard Bruton. He came in to see our presentation on the Junior Entrepreneur programme and was highly impressed! We were ecstatic as some pupils in our class even ended up on the Radio speaking and in the newspaper!

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Yesterday, we enjoyed Sports Day!


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Also this week, we decided to use up the last of our profit money to get an ice cream van in for the school. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it! Can I please remind everyone to bring in any remaining copies of class novels, ‘The Thief Lord’ or ‘War Horse’ that may be at home before the end of the week. Roll on Friday!! :):):)




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