Touchdown Challenge

Today as part of our S.T.E.M week celebrations we designed and built a shock absorbing system capable of allowing “astronauts” (or pom poms) to land safely on the moon.

During the “Design” stage we worked together in groups to sketch plans for our spacecraft.

Next, we moved onto the creating stage. This was certainly the hardest stage as we had to work very hard to make sure everyones opinions and ideas were heard. While we were making our space craft we had to think about things like gravity, motion and forces to make sure we met the challenge requirements.

After the creating stage we moved into the “modifying” stage. Here we looked at what worked well and what wasn’t working so well and we made a few changes before the final test.

Here are some pictures of our space landers.

Thankfully no astronauts were harmed in the making of this project 🙂


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