Mé Féin

During September in our Irish lessons second class were learning about how to talk about yourself. We practiced asking and answering questions every day and then we wrote a paragraph about ourselves in Irish. Here are the questions and answers we have been using:

Cé tusa? (Who are you?)

Is mise __________.


Cad is ainm duit? (What is your name?)

___________ is ainm dom.


Cén aois thú? (What is your age?)

7: Tá mé seacht mbliana d’aois.

8: Té mé ocht mbliana d’aois.


Cá bhfuil tú i do chonaí? (Where do you live?)

Tá mé i mo chonaí i mBaile Átha Cliath.


Cén rang ina bhfuil tú? (What class are you in?)

Tá mé i rang a dó.


Cé mhead duine atá i do theaghlach? (How many people are in your family?)

Tá _________ i mo theaghlach.

(2=beirt, 3=triúr, 4=ceathrar, 5=cúigear, 6 = seisear)


An bhfuil aon deirfiúr agat? (Do you have any sisters?)

0: Níl aon deirfiúr agam

1: Tá deirfiúr amháin agam.

2: Tá beirt deirfiúracha  agam.

3: Tá triúr deirfiúracha agam.


An bhfuil aon deartháir agat? (Do you have any brother?)

0: Níl aon deartháir agam.

1: Tá deartháir amháin agam.

2: Tá beirt deartháireacha agam.

3: Tá triúr deartháireacha agam.


Cén dath atá ar do chuid gruaige? (What color is your hair?)

Tá gruaig ______ orm. (rua=red, dubh=black, donn=brown, fionn=blond)


Cén dath atá ar do shúile? (What color are your eyes?)

Tá súile ______ agam.  (glasa = green, gorma = blue, donna = brown)


We will be practicing these questions throughout the year.

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