Bee Bots

Second class had a great time last week using Bee Bots. They had to answer different questions and show their answer by directing the Bee Bot to the answer on the mat.

Here are some reviews by three second class children:

The bee bots were cool. They were yellow and black. They were made of plastic and electricity. They were funny and bigger than bees. We played different games with them. My favorite game was the maze. I nearly got through the maze.

By Oscar

Bee bots are a lot of fun. They are bees and robots. We used them on three types of mats which had money, letters and shapes and there were Irish questions. They can move forwards, backwards and turn left and right. One of the mats had coins where you had to add up different coins to make a number.

By Hannah

I really liked the Bee Bots because you could control it with a press of a button. Also, we did lots of cool games so they were fun. I would really like to use them again.

By Danny

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