Tom Crean Diaromas

In January second class were learning all about Tom Crean and we created a dioramas to depict either the north or south pole.

This part of the blog post is wrote by second class children.

I’m proud of my diorama but before I brag I’m going to tell you about how I made it. Firstly, I took a shoe box and covered it in white paper. Then I covered the inside with blue paper. I made a mountain using tinfoil. I stuck the tin foil in a triangular way.


My diorama is in the South Pole. It has snow and a snow storm on the back. It was made out of cardboard, paper and cotton wool. I enjoyed making it.


I enjoyed building my diorama. My one had a periscope and sonar on top. There was a clingfilm sheet across the front. I put the cling film on the front so it looks like a submarine image. I used a lot of blue paper, tin foil and white paper.


Second class enjoyed learning about Tom Crean.

When Tom was fifteen he pretended to be sixteen so he could join the navy. Tom’s first expedition was on the Discovery. They attempted to get to the South Pole but the ship got stuck in ice. They made a hut called hut point. They were stuck in the ice for almost two years.


Tom tried to go to the South Pole again on the Tera Nova. Tom was trying to find a home for his bunny on the ship and after he found a home the bunny gave birth to seventeen babies. Tom really wanted to go to all the way to the South Pole but he wasn’t picked by Robert Scott. Later Tom opened a pub in Kerry and had three daughters.


Tom Crean secretly took a bunny on the Tera Nova. He search up deck and below deck for a home for the bunny. Finally he found a place in the hay. The bunny had seventeen babies. Tom Crean gave the baby bunnies to the crew. There was twenty-two crew members so not everyone got one.


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