School Tour

Second class went on our school tour on Tuesday. We went to Sea Life in Bray and then to Quasar and Bowling. As it was a beautiful day we got to eat our lunch on the beach. We had a great time. Here are some of the highlights:

Anna: My highlight was Quasar.

Amy: My favorite part was Quasar.

Isabelle: My highlight was Quasar and the aquarium.

Orla: My favorite was quasar because it was my first time to play it.

Méabh: I liked all of it so much I can’t choose.

Noah: Quasar was my favorite part of the tour.

Hannah: My highlight was laser tag.

Casey: I liked Quasar and bowling.

Oran: My favorite part was bowling. I think I came third.

Emily: Quasar was a maze. I was scared at first.

Oscar: I had a great time on our school tour. I liked skimming rocks, Quasar, bowling and the aquarium. My highlight was Quasar and bowling.

Bill: My highlight was Quasar because I never did it before.

Danny: The school tour was great. We did super cool stuff. My highlight was Quasar and bowling.

Naomi: I don’t have a favorite. I liked everything.

Tadhg: I liked Quasar and the beach

Dimitrios: I liked bowling the best.

Yashvi: My favorite was everything and I came second in bowling.

Lola: I like when we did Quasar.

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