German Lessons and Sports Day

Second Class had a great final two weeks of school.  Last Friday, we had sports day.

First, we did two laps then we did shot put, after that three-legged race. We had a break, so we had an ice cream. Then we did tug-of-war and we won. Then we had a drink, then we did relay and my team came last but it was fun. We did the sack race and I came second. It was a great day.

By Anna

On Sports Day we had a charity for the plastic in the sea. We did sprints and long distance. This year, we had to do two laps, I came fourth. We did sack race. We had egg-and-spoon race and shot put. I was on Hungary, they lost. We did a three-legged race. My favourite was sprints. In the charity, we paid €1 for an ice cream. We did a relay. We did tug-of-war.

By Isabelle

Also, our German intern Jin Hi completed three German lessons. We learned to say some sentences about our self.

Hallo,  ich heiße Dimitrios. Ich mag schule. Aber Regen mag ich nicht. 

By Dimitrios

Hallo,  ich heiße Bill. Ich mag kuchen. Aber Gemuse mag ich nicht. 

By Bill

Thanks very much to our intern Jin Hi.

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