Problem Solving in Third Class

The boys and girls in third class were doing great work solving various problems this week.

First of all in science the groups were set a challenge to build a tall tower  using only raw spaghetti and marshmallows. Some groups tried a wide base, others tried to use a triangular base while another groups tried to mash the marshmallows to make cement. The girls and boys worked very well together and made five different towers.

In maths on Fridays the class will practice their problem solving skills at different stations. They will spend two stations working with different teachers trying to solve word problems, two stations playing with games that include a variety of brain teasers and one station playing maths games on the iPad. Last Friday was our first day of problem solving stations and the children really enjoyed it and solved some very difficult problems.

Finally, the class will have a problem of the week to work on every single week – this week’s one is yet to be solved.

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