S.T.E.M Week

For S.T.E.M week the children were participating in various exciting activities.

Firstly, the children are testing their estimating skills with the estimation jar. The children have to estimate how much of a certain object is in the jar. The child with the closest estimate then fills the jar for the next day.

Next the children engaged with a science experiment which involved them  trying to solve the mystery of Humpty Dumpty’s fall.  They had to eliminate themselves as suspects by taking their finger prints and by measuring their footprint.

Then we found a note in the bin. Chromatography was used on the ink on the note and after the children had to complete chromatography using water and coffee filter paper on different  brands of markers to see which brand was used to write the note.

We then compared the chromatography of the markers to the chromatography of the marker used to write the note to see who pushed Humpty Dumpty.  We concluded that it was suspect C.

Also the class completed a variety of mini experiments:

Gummy Bear Osmosis

Mixing an acid with an alkali

Making a paper clip float.

Finally, we learned different facts about hyperdontia and cats.

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