Animal Projects

The children in third class were busy over the last month working on their animal projects. They learned lots of facts about their chosen animal such as:

Blob fish – When the blob fish floats down to a depth of 400m because of the pressure down there the blob fish get squashed into something that looks like a fish.

Tarsier- The Tarsier is an unique looking animal that has evolved it’s several specific features due to its nocturnal lifestyle.

Squirrel Monkeys – Squirrel monkeys like to eat tree frogs and insects.

Badgers – Badgers are omnivores.

Fawn – Fawn are browsers and feed primarily on leaves.

Wolf- The earliest drawing of wolves are in caves in South Europe and are from 20000 B.C.

Wombat- There are three species of wombats extinct.

Cobra- The word cobra comes from the Portuguese word Cobra de Capelo which means “hooded snake”.

Tasmanian Devil – The Tasmanian Devil can get cancer.

Great White Shark – If there was only one drop of blood in 100 liters of water a great white shark would smell it.

Rock Fish – Rock Fish eat jellyfish.

Snail – One of the most viscious animals in the world is a sea snail.

Basking Shark- A basking shark is the biggest type of shark.

Seals – Seal babies are called pups.

Hyena – There are four types of hyena.

Bush Viper- The bush viper produces a strong venom.

Lizards- The lizard stays with it’s eggs until they hatch.

Foxes – Foxes have whiskers on their face and leg.

Tiger- The Tiger has its own name – Panthra Tigris.

Texas Horned Lizard – Texas horned lizard can shoot a stream of blood that tastes bad to dogs.

Scorpion – Scorpion’s glow in the dark.

Hammer Hear Shark – The Hammer Head Shark weighs 170kg.

Rhino- Rhinos are mainly found in Southern Africa.

Zebra – Zebras are part of the equidae family along with horses and donkeys.

Tarantula – The female tarantula can live for 30 years.

Hornbill – Hornbill fat is very valuable in India.

Jelly Fish – Scientists have discovered a jelly fish that can live forever.

Mouse – Mice have different colors.

Wolverine – The wolverine is a feared animal because of it’s diet.

Bush Baby – Bush babies are native to Africa.

Here are our projects:

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