Tom Crean

Third class finished their novel Ice Man, which told the story of Tom Crean. They thoroughly enjoyed the novel and gave it an average rating of eight out of ten.

Then for Art they had to create a diorama to depict a scene from the novel. Here are their creations:

This is a report on his life by Mikey and Rafy.

Tom Crean


By Rafael & Michael

In school we were reading Tom Crean Iceman and this is what we learned…

                         Early life

Tom Crean was born in February 25 1877.

At the age of 12 he left school to help on the farm and at 15 years old he ran away to the navy. On a ship  to New Zealand another ship passed by asking if they could have a sailor because the last one ran away after attacking a officer.


The only man to volunteer to join the crew was Tom Crean. On the way the ship was isolated and that was a big problem because they were in a race, a race to the south pole. They were up against Roald Amundsen.Eventually they broke the ice and there back in the race.They had to pull the sleges full of food through the ice.Soon they set up base camp. At base camp Tom and the author sailors had to eat hoosh. When they left on a mountain the following people were sent back to base camp Lt Evans, Bill and sadly Tom was told to go back to camp.   Tom Lt Evans and Bill did make it back to camp and they found Captain Scott dead in a tent. So Captain Scott died, Tom Crean was sent back and Roald Amundsen beat them to the pole.So all’s well that ends well.(’~’)

After Shackleton asked Tom if he would go on a expedition with him Tom said yes. But the expedition went wrong the team got stuck on a island and Tom Skipper and Shackleton saved them. Tom open a pub  in Kerry and died of an appendicitis.

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