Happy New Year!

Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year! Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas and are feeling rested and ready to launch into another busy term!

Before I dive into what 6th will be looking forward to during this term I wanted to share a few highlights of the last few weeks before the Christmas holidays.

6th Class had a very busy December but one that I think they definitely enjoyed. The last Friday before we broke for the holidays, 6th Class enjoyed a gorgeous meal in Clontarf Castle – a rite of passage for every 6th Classer to pass through Greenlanes.

They had a choice of chicken goujons and chips or a burger and chips, followed by a trio of ice creams – safe to say it all went down very well! The 6th Class not only did Greenlanes proud, but themselves proud by displaying exemplary behaviour in the castle. Well done 6th Class!

Along with our lovely trip to the castle we spent the last two weeks completing beautiful pieces of artwork. Once we had our pieces completed 6th Class arranged them and placed them into a portfolio which they decorated and designed. It was a great way to finish up the term and to display all the artwork they have created since September.

img_5765 img_5791 img_5792 img_5794 img_5795 img_5797 img_5798 img_5799

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  1. Vicky says:

    The artwork portfolio was stunning !
    Well done on motivating the 6th classers to produce such lovely work!

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