On April 26th our class went to Amsterdam, what a thrill and here’s why!?

All of us woke up with sleepy eyes and a rumbling stomach. We all arrived at 4:45am straight to check in, then we were on our way. The plane flight was filled with noise of scrapping young children. We arrived shortly at our destination, Schippol Airport. We arrived in the airport, got straight on to the train (in my opinion the train reminded me of the Hogwarts Express).

We got off on to the platform onto our own private canal boat, and let me tell you, it was incredible! There were lovely twinkling lights, there was a little bar serving soft drinks, and we even got to play music over the sound system – our very own party boat! I took a time lapse of the journey to the markets which you can see below!

The Markets

The markets were incredible. They had wondrous confectionery and clothes (I got a white Nutella waffle). It was filled with noise of bakers and chefs calling out to you to go to their stalls.

After the markets we went down to the ‘I Amsterdam’ sign and took lots of “interesting” photos with silly faces. straight after we went to the Van Gogh Museum. The Van Gogh Museum was coloured with paintings – a painting there, a painting here, it was glorious! Van Gogh was amazing, he tried to paint a picture every day and ended up close to 900 paintings after 10 years.

After we went to the Pancake Bakery, the pancakes were bigger then our heads, and the fillings were amazing. From bacon and cheese to caramel and cream. After that we went straight to the’Anne Frank Huis’.

Anne Frank Huis

The Anne Frank Huis was breath taking, it had a power to take every noise in your body away, it comes over you like a flu, you never see it coming. The house was filled with memories of the families who lived there.

Jamin Sweetshop

After the Huis we went to the Jamin Sweet Shop. The sweets were pouring out of the pick’n’mix and various types of bubble gum. The shop was cut short for the canal boat was near. Right before the boat we went to the souvenir shop. Straight after we went to the boat, then to the train, and finally the airport.

This is the end of the journey.

I would like to say a big thank you to Mrs. Quinn and Mr. O’Shea for organizing this wonderful trip

Written by Elijah

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