Minister Bruton Visit to Greenlanes

So today the Minister for Education, Richard Bruton, came to our school to see what we were did for our Junior Entrepreneur Programme. He came in at quarter past nine and Charlie and Freya welcomed him to the school and then Abhainn, Brian and Eli had a presentation to present to the Minister. Brian and Tadgh created a video with interviews from each team. Charlie and Kate were wearing Greenlanes hoodies and had pictures taken by a photographer from the Independent. Minister Bruton seemed to really enjoy his visit to the school and even got a complimentary ice-cream from 5th class. Then Eli and Abhainn were interviewed by TodayFM and then the Minister left. We would really like to thank the Minister for coming into our school, and we would like to thank the teachers, Mr.O’Shea and Ms. Atkin for letting us do the project.

written by:Charlie and Kate

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