Irish Spellings!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to (hopefully) clear up some questions about the Irish spelling book Réalta Litruí in Second class.

The children will complete a small section of the book each night for homework, there are two spellings per night for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and on Thursday the children are asked to revise all six spellings. There are also accompanying exercises to complete each night. The work is spread out across 2/3 pages. This is a similar layout to the Spellbound and Work It Out books.

The homework for each night is colour-coded for ease of use. On Monday (Dé Luain) the children complete all the work in the red boxes. On Tuesdays (Dé Máirt) the children complete all the work in the purple boxes. On Wednesdays (Dé Céadaoin) the children complete all the work in the blue boxes and on Thursdays (Deardaoin) the children complete the work in the green boxes and revise their spellings. They will do a written test each Friday.

There is to be no English written in this book. The vocabulary used is accompanied by pictures so the children understand what the words mean. This week I am completing all the written work in school to help the children in familiarising themselves with the book. All they have to do at home this week is revise their spellings. Next week they will be completing the written work at home themselves.

Thank you!

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