Charlotte’s Web Collages!

Hi everyone,

As most of you will know, Second class have been using the novel Charlotte’s Web as a theme for a couple of week snow. We are making our way through the book, learning lots about English and improving our comprehension, and using the story as a basis for our Art and Drama lessons too.

We have been collecting fabric for quite a while with the aim of making some mixed media collages based on scenes from the story. Thank you very much to the grandparents/parents and other family members who contributed to our projects. They look great!

Firstly we revised what we knew about the fore, middle and back ground of a picture and sketched some plans of our work. Then we set about creating them. Two days and a lot of glue later and we were finished! We wanted to really think about the different textures and colours we see in nature so we did not create any characters, just the scene. Mot of us chose Wilbur’s barn but there were some surprises too! Have a look at some of our creations below. They look really cool and they will be sent home soon for you all to enjoy!

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