Groups for Yard

For the rest of the year the children will be randomly assigned into groups of four for yard time once a week. The reason for this is to encourage them to mix with new people and to ensure that, if their friend happens to be out sick, a child does not then spend break time alone. This can easily happen to children and they often find it difficult to approach other children to ask to join in with them; and sometimes it’s difficult just finding other people in your class! By using small groups it means the children have a chance to voice their opinions and work together to make compromises. It also means that it is easier to keep track of everyone in the group and ensures that nobody gets left behind. The children will have ten minutes while they eat lunch to plan what they are going to do and I can help them figure out a fair way to decide what game they play. Ultimately I want them to be in a position whereby, if their main group of friends cannot play for some reason or are absent, they are confident enough to ask other children to join their game.

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