Aistear at Home


When we do Aistear at school there are 5 different areas we explore under a particular theme. Just before we finished up the theme we were looking at was ‘The Farm’. Each day the children rotate to a new station. The five stations are:

  1. Role Play: Children use their imagination and various props to role play characters relevant to the theme. E.g. Under the theme of ‘The Farm’ they could pretend to be the farmer looking after his animals (teddies would be great for this), planting crops and selling produce at a farmer’s market.
  2. Small world/Construction: Children use lego, duplo, blocks, etc. to build a farm. Small plastic animals or small teddies could be used here too.
  3. Play dough-Children use playdough to make things relevant to the farm. If you search Twinkl for ‘The Farm Playdough mats’ (or any theme you choose) it will give you ideas of what to do).
  4. The Creative Station: You can do any art activity you like here but the fan favourite is definitely ‘Junk Art’. Collect a few bits like empty bottles, yoghurt cartons, egg cartons, empty cling film roll, kitchen roll, etc. and let them have at it!
  5. Water: This could be done at the kitchen sink or in the bath-a word of caution: do not fill things too high because it can get very messy-you’ve seen the amount of wet clothes I send home after water play!!! Give them some toys that are waterproof and let them enjoy some free play-this activity is more about their sensory experience rather than trying to link it into your theme.


If you were to do this at home I would recommend assigning a day to each station.


Monday: Role Play

Tuesday: Small world/Construction

Wednesday: Play dough

Thursday: Water Play

Friday: Junk Art (it gives you more time to gather resources)


Possible Themes

The Café/Restaurant

The Farm


At School

The Doctor

The Vet

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