Learning at Home: Monday

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all well after the weekend! I have outlined work for this week-it will be uploaded as five separate blog posts to avoid overwhelming you with information. It is very similar to last week’s content but I have included some extra activities. As Ms. Atkin said however, there is no obligation to do them all; think of it as a menu and choose the activities that are feasible for you. I have tried to explain as much as I could but please contact me if you have any questions-it all makes sense in my head but that doesn’t mean it translates well on paper! I have also included a post on how you could incorporate elements of Aistear at home-I am sure the children are missing it! If there are links that are missing or any work that I have forgotten to email on, let me know. As always stay safe, happy and healthy 🙂


Monday 23/03/20

  • Blending list 4 (email)
  • Cut and Paste (same as the blending list-email)
  • Tricky Word Hunt (she)
  • Busy Break (refer to the previous blog post for ideas and please share your own if you have any!)
  • Maths Game (here)
  • Maths Addition-I will include this in an email. The idea with this activity is to encourage the children to explore how numbers are formed. I would highly recommend using physical resources (counters, matchsticks, lollipop sticks, anything you have!) so that they can see and understand better what they are doing. One great method that does not involve any additional resources is drawing dots above the numbers so they can count them. (I hope this makes sense but please get in touch if you have any questions!
  • Busy Break (refer to the previous blog post for ideas and please share your own if you have any!)
  • Sound of the day ‘qu’. Roll and Read Activity to practice which I will send in an email. Instructions: You will need a dice and two different coloured counters. If you do not have a set of coloured counters then 2 colouring pencils/crayons/twistables will work too. To Play roll the dice and read a word from that row. Then either place your counter down or colour the word. Keep doing this until all the words are coloured in-the winner is the person with the most words. (Parents please try not to be too competitive!!!)
  • Music: There is a website called Dabbledou (here) which is giving access to parents to loads of music lessons. It is worth checking out but I would recommend keeping it simple. Activities like Musical statues and singing their favourite songs can be just as beneficial!
  • Gaeilge: I was asked about how to approach Irish at home. I will compile a list of ideas and send them in an email. You can then choose what you want to do yourselves-again no pressure!
  • Story-like last week this can be done as part of ‘school’ or at bedtime. Last week the comprehension focus was on ‘making connections’. This week it will be ‘predicting’-what do you thing will happen based on the cover? Stop at different points in the story and ask what might happen next. (Or you could just read the story and forget about the extra frills-no pressure!)

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2 Responses

  1. Quan Hanlon says:

    Good morning Ms. Cawley,

    Hope all is well.

    Did you send out Monday and Wednesday’s learning recourse though email? I have only received Tuesday, Thursday and Friday’s one. Missing two days.

    Kind regards,
    Quan Hanlon

  2. Sandra Cawley says:

    Hi Quan,
    I did send out the five days at once. I will send Monday and Wednesday on to you now!

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