Learning at Home-Wednesday 01/04/20

Wednesday 01/04/20

  • Blending List 11 (email)
  • Cut and Paste (same as the blending list-email)
  • Tricky Word Hunt (you)
  • Busy Break
  • Maths Game (here)
  • Maths-Worksheet in an email
  • Maths Rhyme: The Triangle Song (email)
  • Busy Break
  • Sound of the day ‘x’. Roll and Read to practice (email).
  • Art: Like it depends on the resources you have at home so I am not going to prescribe anything here. I will say that you can never go wrong with free colouring-let them have at it! If you’re feeling more adventurous I would recommend having a look at Pinterest.
  • Story: Same as previous days.

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