Monday 25/05/20

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone is doing well; it was lovely to see so many of you yesterday over Zoom, even if you were only in the background! There will be some changes next week as the children will be starting their readers. I will continue assigning the tricky words as they are the bread and butter of learning to read, even if they are the most boring part! The writing programme can be found at!/book-sections/0/section-activities/2 Continue with this at your own pace as you are able. If there are any questions please get in touch with me and I will do my best to answer them! As a class we have now read 200 books on GetEpic which is amazing so keep up the good work! Have a lovely weekend; hopefully it will bring some sunshine!


Monday 25/05/20

  • Tricky word list
  • Reader: This is online so you will need to go to . Register as a teacher and use the code Prim20 when asked for a roll number. You then need to go to “Reading Zone” and then the book we will be looking at is called “Look out Teddy”. The children have a workbook to accompany this which you should have at home if you collected their books. If not, it is online with the reader. The workbook can be used alongside the reader at your own pace. I will assign four pages per day; if you feel they can do more go ahead. If you feel three or two is enough that is fine-you’re in a better position to judge what is best. If you look at the very last page it will highlight words that will be new for them; you may want to practice these before beginning the book. Under normal circumstances we would practice the new words at school and then assign the reader for homework.
  • Dictation (email)
  • Busy Break
  • Maths Game (here)
  • Maths: This week we will take a look at patterns. There are no pages for this topic in the Busy at Maths Book, but I will email on the necessary worksheets.
  • Busy Break
  • Gaeilge-Bua na Cainte: Bia, Ceacht 3
  • SESE: Try this experiment
  • Story: Same as usual

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