Wednesday 03/06/20

Dear Parents,


I hope everyone is doing well and has had a good week. I have outlined the work for the coming week below; there will be no changes this time. As usual the writing programme can be found at!/book-sections/0/section-activities/2.  Please continue this at your own pace and do not feel under any pressure to do so. Junior Infants have now read 325 books on GetEpic so well done to everyone! As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask; I will do my best to answer! Enjoy the long weekend; it looks like it will bring plenty of sunshine and if nothing else we can all get the washing dry!!!


Wednesday 03/06/20

  • Tricky word list (email)
  • This week we will be looking at “Splash”. It can be found the same way as last week’s book. You should have an account set up from last week. If not take a look at last Monday’s blog and follow the instructions. “Splash” has more text than last week’s book so I will assign 3 pages per day rather than four. If you feel this is too much then do less and vice versa. If you think it might be better to continue with “Look out Teddy” then please do so.
  • Dictation (email)
  • Busy Break
  • Maths Game (here)
  • Maths: This week we will take a look at the topic of data. There are no pages for this topic in the Busy at Maths Book but I will email on the necessary worksheets. The work I will send on is more complex than would be expected of Junior Infants but at this time of the year I like to challenge them. That being said if anyone finds the work too difficult please let me know and I can organise a simpler worksheet that is more suited to Junior Infant Maths-remember everyone learns at their own pace!
  • Busy Break
  • Gaeilge-Bua na Cainte: Bia, Ceacht 6
  • SPHE: How to be a good friend. (Worksheet in email-can be completed through drawing, writing or both). “A Sick Day for Amos McGee” would be a nice story to go with the worksheet. It is available on GetEpic.
  • Story

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