Friday 12/06/20

Friday 12/06/20

  • Tricky word list (email)
  • Reader: p. 22-24 and practice new words on back cover
  • Dictation (email)
  • Maths Game here and here
  • Maths: Today we will look at Capacity. This can be a little messy so it might be a good idea to do it outdoors. Gather whatever containers you have at home: bottles, buckets, empty yoghurt pots, cups, bowls, egg cups, spoons. Then just have the children explore and see how many it takes of one container to fill another. Here are some questions/prompts to guide you:
  1. Full, empty, half full, half empty, nearly full, nearly empty, most, least
  2. Which container would hold the most/least?
  3. How many of x do you think it would take to fill y?
  4. How many more would it take to fill it to the top?
  5. Which would be the best one to fill x? (basically, you might choose a spoon to fill an eggcup but you would use a jug to fill the basin)

*The relevant page in Busy at Maths 28. Although it is not necessary to complete any worksheets for capacity as it is more of a hands on topic I will send on some in case you prefer to have the worksheet.

  • Busy Break
  • Gaeilge-Bua na Cainte: Caitheamh Aimsire, Ceacht 5
  • SPHE: Feelings Booklet
  • Story

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