The Campsite

Welcome back everybody! 

Before the Halloweeen break we looked at a new Aistear topic ‘The Campsite’.

Our Role Play Area transformed over night into an adventurous campsite for us all to play in!

There were new playdough mats in the Playdough Area!

Even the Water Area was a bit different!! We got an opportunity to play with our usual water equipment for half of our time at this station and then we swapped over to practice our fishing skills in ‘Hook A Duck’!

Check out some pictures of us at work!

The Gruffalo

We began to discuss day/night and brainstormed some sources of light when it is dark. We realised that candles, light bulbs, torches, fire, the sun, the moon and stars can all give light! We decided to create pictures of some of these light sources using crepe paper.

We also read some stories relating to day/night and animals you might find in the woods including ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, ‘Owl Babies’, ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me’.

Keep posted for pictures of our crepe paper light sources, Gruffalo paper plate faces and ‘Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me’ art!

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