Our ‘Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me’ pictures

Hello everyone!

We read the story ‘Papa, please get the moon for me’ by Eric Carle in school recently. Poor Monica really wanted to play with the moon but no matter what she tried she just couldn’t reach it!


This inspired us to create our own ‘Papa, please get the moon for me’ pictures in Art. We began by reaching as high as we could as we attempted to reach Ms. Kingston’s Maths Task Cards on the wall….

We then experimented with different shades of blue paint to create the background for our pictures.

When these dried we explored adding lollipop stick ladders, tin foil moons, gold stars and pictures of ourselves. We practiced arranging these carefully on our backgrounds before gluing them in place with PVA glue. Ms. Kingston was very impressed with how we created our ladders and remembered to stick our moons far enough away so we couldn’t quite reach them!

They are now on display in the corridor for everyone to see!


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