The Post Office!

Hello everyone! 

This week we began a new Aistear theme, ‘The Post Office’.

We read the stories ‘Herman’s Letter’, ‘A Day at the Animal Post Office’ and ‘The Jolly Postman or Other People’s Letters’.


We also discussed some of the things you can do at the Post Office. We learned that we would need to weigh our letters and parcels in order to calculate how much we would need to post them, you can exchange money if you are going on holidays, you can buy gift cards or vouchers and that you can even find application forms for a passport or TV licence in the Post Office! We also learned some interesting facts about where you put a stamp on an envelope and that you can not smile when you are getting your passport picture taken!! There is a lot more involved in posting parcels and letters than we originally thought! We watched a fun video to find out more about the journey of a letter after we post it! Click here to see it for yourselves!

Here are some pictures of our ‘Post Office’ Role Play Area!

In Geography, we talked about some more people who work hard every day to help us.

So we decided to add some fun ‘People Who Help Us’ themed playdough mats to the Playdough Area!

Even our Water station looked a bit different as our former Water Area transformed into a Sand Area!

Here are some pictures of us at work so far!

Some people had so much fun writing in the Role Play Area that it inspired them make some words in the Playdough Area too!

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