Georgia O’Keefe Inspired Paintings

We took a look at the artist Georgia O’Keefe in Senior Infants after the Easter holidays.

We began by listening to the story ‘My Name is Georgia’ to learn more about her life and how she became such a talented artist.

We then observed a PowerPoint of some of her beautiful painting of flowers and discussed these as a group.


We noticed that in all of her paintings Georgia O’Keefe made great use of the space she had and often painted large flowers that went right out to all four edges. We also discussed whether she may have been looking at the flowers from a side angle, underneath or above in her paintings. As we could not see the stem in any of the pictures we soon decided that she painted each one looking from above. We decided to adapt this technique by drawing our own large flowers as if we too were looking at them from above. We then painted these and chose a different colour for the background to help them really stand out!

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