Ms Suzanne Hodgins - First Class 2016-2017 Blog

Fun with Magnets 0

Fun with Magnets

We were learning about magnets in Science recently. We tested different items in the classroom to see if they were attracted to the magnets. We learned that magnets have a north and a south...



We spent some time learning about the signs and sights of autumn SESE. The pupils wrote about what they knew about autumn. Our intern Marie then did some lovely autumn art with us. We...



1st Class read some stories about witches in the run up to Halloween. We designed our own witch characters and wrote about them in English. For Art we made some spooky Halloween faces using...

Homes 0


We have been learning all about homes in SESE. We learned about the different types of homes we have inĀ Ireland and the materials we use for the different parts of our homes. In art...



We have been learning about subtraction in Maths. We used cubes and counters to practice ‘taking away’. We were even able to play a subtraction game using the new skills we had learned.


Masking Tape Art

We made patterns on our paper using masking tape. We then painted in all the different sections. When the paint was dry we were able to remove the masking tape to reveal the lovely...