Dots, Dahl and more!

We have had a very busy month in 2nd Class.

On September 15th we talked about International Dot Day. We read the story ‘The Dot’ by Peter H. Reynolds. We were inspired then to create our own dot pictures to celebrate our creativity. Some people did lots of small dots, others lots of big dots, some painted pictures using just dots, others used one dot to start a picture that became something else. ¬†Everyone showed their creativity.

We read about Picasso and found out about his life and painting style. We played a dice game called ‘Roll a Picasso’, where the dice decided how we should draw some Picasso style faces. We then added some extras and coloured them in.

We have been reading ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl. The Twits play a lot of tricks on one another. After we had read about a lot of their tricks the pupils came up with their own trick and acted out a scene involving their trick for the class. ¬†We are also working on character descriptions and posters based on the book.

We carried out some experiments while learning about our senses in Science. We had to try to identify items using just our sense of hearing, smell or touch etc. In groups we compiled lists of activities we use each sense for.

We have started ‘ Reading Enrichment’ on Thursday mornings. Some kind mums are coming in to read with us and do some activities based on the stories.

We are also doing GAA on Tuesdays with Ger.

We started the Run Around Europe Challenge on Friday. We have chosen Madrid as our target city. Madrid is 2333km from Dublin so, as a class we need to run 2333 laps of the pitch this year to reach our target. We each ran one lap on Friday to get started so only 2307 laps to go!

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