September Artwork

Last Month we were busy doing lots of creative art projects. We began the year by designing tshirts all about ourselves. This helped us to find out loads about each other. We then made an eye catching collaborative display where each student created a single piece to become part of a bigger whole class creation. As you can see from the pictures it has beautifully brightened up the walls leading to our classroom.  Next we brought some of the outside world into our room when we mixed art with nature to make these pretty leaf craft mobiles.

One of the students in our class, Skye, has also been attending art lessons every Saturday. Last week she was doing some sketching and sketched an amazing drawing of a dog. Skye said ”My art teacher gave us options of dogs to draw, so I chose this one because it looked like my neighbour’s dog Jojo. It was a little bit difficult to draw but it was fun to shade”. Well Done Skye!!


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