Happy Easter

The Great Greenlanes Drop Off

This week for our homework we were told to design and create a structure to protect an egg from breaking once dropped. We could use whatever types of materials we wanted. If the egg broke you had failed the task but if it survived the fall without a single crack you succeeded. Thankfully, nearly everyone’s eggs avoided being scrambled and only a few were beaten. Overall it was great crack and no yolk, a great eggsperiment.  By Holly


Easter Activities

We were busy designing lots of funky Easter Bunnies. We also had a lot of fun during the week writing Easter stories and poems such as ‘Limericks’ and creating and performing Easter themed dramas.


The Easter Games

On Friday we chose to trade in a reward pass to hold an Easter themed activity day. We planned games and challenges such as: draw a bunny in 30 seconds, a bunny drawing competition, an Easter egg hunt, and some p.e games and obstacle courses that involved lots of hopping! We chose games that we thought the class would really enjoy and we loved planning and doing the activities with everyone. Thanks to Miss Buchanan for allowing us have such a fun day. By Darcey and Isabel.

The girls along with their helpers Kate and Joe did a super job leading the activities and put in lots of effort to make the games lots of fun. Everyone had a great time. Well done guys!

Happy Easter to everyone, hope you all have a well-deserved, relaxing break 🙂

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