This week in 4th class we have been learning about mermaids and the sea. In English, we read a story called ‘The Mermaid’s Song’. We really enjoyed this strory. For art we decided to create our own mermaids tail using a variety of different materials. We used coloured paper, tissue paper, buttons, bead and ribbons to create the sea and the mermaid tail. It was very messy but lots of fun.

Here is a picture of out art.

We have also been learning about water in music. In music we joined with the other 4th class and began to compose our own piece of music using sounds we hear at the sea. We used sounds we can make with our mouths and body percussion to do this. Hopefully we can work on our compositions over the next few weeks and create a piece of music that makes us feel like we are actually at the sea.

In science we were learning about liquids. We learned how oil and water do not mix. Using bottles, water, food colouring and oil we created our ‘Wave Machines’.

Here is a picture of them.


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